Sometimes the worst of all things happen to people you know. This is my friend Garrett, one of the most talented mountain bike racers I know. I just got word that while out on a ride this morning he was a victim of a hit and run and was knocked out for a while.

To add insult to injury, his bike went missing too. It is unknown whether the people who hit him took it or if some scum bag found him out cold on the side of the road and took off with it but either way THAT SHIT IS FUCKED UP!

It sounds like he’s doing okay. Suffering from a concussion and pretty banged up but no broken bones. I will post updates as I get them as well as more info on the missing bike.  

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    If you see this guy give a few high fives, buy him lunch, give him a six pack, and loan him a mountain bike.
  2. secondhandnature said: what type of shit?! makes me sick :o(. i hope he feels all better soon and gets his bike back. good vibes his way!
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